Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Firestone Baby Photographer - Mia is ONE!

Mia turned ONE and she is as sweet as can be!

Although this appears to be a calm and relaxed photo shoot day... it was actually full of comical disaster... Smashed cupcakes, Mia falling and getting a goose egg on her head, a bleeding and black and blue stubbed toe, 2 broken lollipops and being right in the spraying path of the sprinklers. This all concluded by two screaming babies all the way home from Denver. However, we got some great shots anyway and Mia still modeled perfectly!

A special shout out to Gigi's Cupcakes in Denver for letting us take over your shop and make a mess of confetti! =)

Love you, sweet Mia girl! Happy 1st Birthday!

~ Auntie Corrie

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Noah & His Buddies!

So I thought I would take a break from blogging clients to blog my sweet boy! Last week we went on a walk/hike with our friend's the Heinle's! We always have so much fun with them... and Noah LOVES Weston and Tanner!

Noah was full of personality this day and I couldn't help but keep snapping!
We were sporting our CU gear in honor of daddy who was at the men's retreat with church.

Weston and Noah playing...

Sweet Tanner boy...

I love this one... like there couldn't be anything more important that dirt!

Sarah and Weston!

I couldn't believe Tanner was climbing on this gate... that was some big boy stuff! Noah and Tanner are exactly the same age and Noah wouldn't have even tried! I guess it helps that he has a big brother to follow! =)


This was only the beginning of the dirt and mud...

Not too sure what happened to the hair...

Thanks, Sarah, Weston and Tanner for a great morning!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Longmont Family Photographer - The Beckel's - Praying Mantis, Nats and Snakes, OH MY!

You don't even want to know the kinds of creatures we ran into at our shoot! Okay, so snakes are just SO not my thing! Dead... and especially alive!! Gardner or Rattle... all the same to me! 5 inches or 15 feet... get me outta there!

However, the Beckel's were troopers! Every time I would ask them to sit in a certain spot, there was some creature lurking in the midst. And then of course as we were walking we had a swarm of nats that wouldn't leave us alone (I think it's because April smelled so good). =)

And even through all that... we managed to get some great shots and have lots of fun!

See Scott and April... I told you this one would be great for your bedroom... ; )
Hot, right?

What an amazing couple! Bryce is such a lucky boy to call them Mommy and Daddy!

April... you are so incredibly beautiful... not only on the outside, but on the in! There is nothing special I had to do to these pictures to capture any more of your beauty than you naturally are.
If this photo doesn't say that, I don't know what would! =)

Although Bryce wasn't too sure what this big green thing was at first... once he had a little taste, he went to town! Love it!

I believe that God has a plan for our life, a plan that is full... not always perfect... not always easy, but with purpose. He definitely had a plan for this family. For the struggle. For Bryce.

Kisses from Mommy...

Hangin' with Daddy...

This is my personal fav from the shoot. I love how he is so intently focused on taking those steps. He is trying so hard, with Mommy and Daddy walking along side of him and helping him along the way. Such a foreshadowing photo of a lifetime to come.

Taking this shot was too funny. Bryce was sitting up and looking at me and every time Scott and April would kiss, he would throw his head back to look up at them! So sweet!

I just love this shot. Not sure that it would have been that much of a favorite for me had I not had a crawling baby just recently too. It is such a short amount of time... and then they are up and walking and talking and you think... "oh, remember when he was crawling?" ... well now you can!

Pretty Mommy...

Bryce was being a little stingy with his smiles, but through lots of stoic expressions we managed to get a few smiles! ; ) For this one, I think Daddy was jumping up and down while holding a cell phone playing music! As parents, we do whatever we have to! =) Good work, Scott!

Thank you, Beckel's... for driving SO far and having chose me to be the one to capture memories of your family. You guys did such a great job... creatures and all. I had so much fun and it was great to get to know you better! I hope you enjoy this sneak peak! I can't wait for you to see the rest! Have a happy Sunday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boulder Baby Photographer - Yummy CC

Okay... so CC is so super yummy I just want to eat her up! I never really understood that saying much until I had my own... but now I know... and CC is definitely eatable! She was such a trooper for our shoot, if you can't tell by this first picture... =)

CC or otherwise known as Collins Conrad (such a cool name, she is destine to be cool)... has the most amazing mommy! Kristy is so in love and so incredible with her it's inspiring to watch. Oh and if CC is half as beautiful as her mommy... she is one lucky girl!

Sleeping babies are one of my favorite things next to a baby's giggle...

I have known Justin for pretty much most of my life and I couldn't be more thrilled for anyone than I am for him to be a daddy! He is so amazing and loving. Truly meant to be a dad... CC's daddy!

As long as she was in daddy's arms, she was content... even if she was naked and in a bright window light! =)

Credit to her fabulous Aunt Stacee for the Juicy hat! If it was up to Auntie... nothing but Couture for this little one! ; )

Love the baby toes... they could be dessert...

Justin and Kristy... thank you for letting me come into your home... hang for a few hours and take photos of little miss yummy! I love you all and I am so excited for you as you grow your family!